30 April 2009

Thank You says SO MUCH!

Today I had a nice surprise in my inbox. I received this email thank you from Cpt. Leon over in Iraq:

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for the wonderful box of hand crafted cards you sent us.
Wow! We really appreciate them and they are being used by my company
and many members of our brigade. We have a PX here, but by the time we get
a shipment of cards for the appropriate holiday it's too late to sendthem.
Your cards come in handy because you sent us cards for a variety of
occasions. Thank you for thinking of us and supporting us during
our deployment. I'm glad you enjoy receiving our

God bless you!

Like I said in my last post, I've been sending cards to the troops for over a year now. Every time I get a thank you, it makes me want to make like 5 million more cards! I feel so good knowing that my hobby is blessing others! Think of someone you need to thank and send them a card today! Think how good they'll feel to get your thank you!


26 April 2009

Something Tangible

I have been sending cards to the troops for over a year now. Not ones that I've written to them, ones that I've made, left blank, included an envelope and sent over to Iraq, Qatar and Afghanistan so they can use them to write home to their spouses, families, etc. When my husband was overseas, he opened one of the boxes and it was emptied in 15 minutes!

The men & women serving our country do still write home. Nowadays, deployments are a little easier because of email, webcams and Skype, but most of our troops and their families still value the written word. I think this is because you can hold on to it, reread it, tuck it in your uniform or helmet, put it under your pillow, cry over it, keep it in your purse or backpack or tape it to the mirror in your bedroom.

Cards and letters are tangible things - something that your loved one wrote, something that they touched -- it was theirs and now its yours -- it connects us with our loved ones or friends or whoever wrote the letter.

Do you have any letters from a grandmother or other relative that has passed away? When you pull them out to read them, what do you notice? Her handwriting? The date? Does it remind you of whatever was going on when she wrote it? Does it bring a tear to your eye as you picture her sitting at her table or desk writing the letter to you? See? The written word lasts longer than an email! I have bits of paper with little notes written to me by husband and left on the counter when he went to work - they are just scraps, but they were written by him. I haven't kept all of them, but I've kept a lot of them. So whether your message is on a scrap, sheet of notebook paper or a handmade card, it is a souvenir, a snapshot in time, a memory.

Take the time today to send someone you love a message - something you want them to know, something you should or want to say to them, or just say hi. Give them a tangible piece of yourself.

I'd love to hear your comments!

25 April 2009

Why stampinsanity?

For my first post, I thought I would explain my blog's name: stampinsanity.

Do you see it as Stamp Insanity? or Stampin Sanity?

I chose this name because both apply to me! Sometimes I am absolutely insane with my stamping - can't think about anything else, projects galore in my head, stamping every chance I get! Other times, I must stamp to stay sane! I homeschool and wear several other hats in the real world, so sometimes, stamping is necessary to help me maintain some form of sanity in my life! I have been stamping since 1998 and have never, not once, never gotten bored or tired of it. There is always some new technique or embellishment or tool to use and I just can't stop! I find that thumping that wooden block on the ink pad and then on the paper is very therapeutic! It helps get out aggression and frustration.

So now you know. I hope I can post often and share some cool projects with you. Stay tuned for more!!

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