30 April 2009

Thank You says SO MUCH!

Today I had a nice surprise in my inbox. I received this email thank you from Cpt. Leon over in Iraq:

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for the wonderful box of hand crafted cards you sent us.
Wow! We really appreciate them and they are being used by my company
and many members of our brigade. We have a PX here, but by the time we get
a shipment of cards for the appropriate holiday it's too late to sendthem.
Your cards come in handy because you sent us cards for a variety of
occasions. Thank you for thinking of us and supporting us during
our deployment. I'm glad you enjoy receiving our

God bless you!

Like I said in my last post, I've been sending cards to the troops for over a year now. Every time I get a thank you, it makes me want to make like 5 million more cards! I feel so good knowing that my hobby is blessing others! Think of someone you need to thank and send them a card today! Think how good they'll feel to get your thank you!


1 comment:

  1. I love that you take the time to make and send out these cards for our soldiers and their families.. What a sweet, sweet to share your talents. I know from personal experience how valueable and precious it is to get a home made card from your husband when he is in Iraq and he took the time to write a loving note or birthday wish. I will keep it forever, it means more than an email thats for sure.